June 9, 2021
The Top 4 Reasons Why Training Is An Essential Investment For Your Construction Company

Employee training is one of the most undervalued areas of labour management in the construction industry, despite its importance. Isn’t that crazy? 

Training has an impact on all the primary company goals of an efficient and up-to-date firm such as:

  • Increased Safety 
  • Employee retention 
  • Recruiting initiatives
  • Quality of the workforce
  • Bottom lines

Training should not be viewed as a one-time event during the onboarding process, but as an ongoing aspect of an employee’s career.

Still not convinced about the value of staff training? Here at Finnoah Training, we’ve discussed the top 4 reasons why your construction company’s employee training should be a top priority.

1. Training Is An Extra Recruitment Tool

Recruiting becomes easier when you provide employees with opportunities to develop their professional status and abilities. A quality workforce training programme can even be given to candidates as a competitive benefit in today’s competitive employment landscape.

On-the-job training for high-demand areas such as brick masonry, electricians, and plumbing lowers the entry barrier and encourages even complete beginners to apply. This broader pool allows you to hire from a larger pool of candidates, allowing you to focus not only on capabilities but also on a match for your company’s culture. 

Some of these younger employees will be destined for management and other crucial leadership roles as your team grows. You’ll have a greater chance of finding the ambitious personality types you require for the jobs if you have a broader pool of candidates.

2. Training Closes the Gap in Skills

Construction companies are hampered by a labour scarcity created by Baby Boomer retirements and a lack of Millennial and Gen Z workers who can fill those unfilled positions. It’s one of the key causes of the historical disparity between open jobs and available workers

Because of the disparity in their upbringings, the two generations have different levels of experience, knowledge, and training. Closing the gap and developing a productive and effective team requires implementing a systematised, simplified, & ongoing training process.

3. Increase the effectiveness of risk management

Almost every construction company correctly lists “safety” as a top concern in their operations. But can you truly back up that claim if you don’t have any training? 

Improving construction risk management starts with training, continues with training, and finishes with training or it ends in large fines & hazards for your employees.

Because construction can be a dangerous sector, four areas have been identified as the “fatal four” workplace injuries:

  • Falls
  • Being struck by an object
  • Electrocutions
  • Equipment or machinery catching or crushing employees

These devastating hazards can be greatly decreased with good training.

To reduce risk, you must be prepared, and more particularly, you must have provided your employees with the necessary safety training. Utilise training to reduce on-site injuries and improve risk management by developing a Learning Management System that is:

  • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Has on-the-go accessibility

Employees who perform potentially dangerous jobs must have access to training materials.

4. Increase Employee Retention by Investing in Employees

Your organisation should be spending time and good faith in your employees by providing both on-the-job training and online courses. Employees will place a high value on lifelong learning. Creating possibilities for employees through training offers a clear professional route for them to pursue, and it shows them that you believe in them as well as that you’re thinking about the future. 

Labourers who want to advance in their company can take advantage of the career development possibilities available to them in their current position, whether it’s training them for a foreman or management position or teaching them a more specialised skill set.

Training is a proven route to attracting and keeping people in construction in today’s harsh recruiting and retention climate. It gives your organisation a reputation as a company that invests in its employees.

If you’re interested in investing in training for your employees get in touch with Finnoah Training today!!