June 9, 2021
6 Reasons Why A Career In Construction Is The Perfect Path For You

There have rarely been more job prospects in the construction industry in the United Kingdom than there are now.

Companies are desperate for a new generation of competent workers, owing to a skills shortage fueled by major infrastructure projects, the government’s ambitions to build 300,000 homes per year, industrial digitalization, and a retirement rate that is outpacing recruitment.

According to the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), the construction industry will need 157,000 new hires by 2021.

This skills deficit opens up a slew of possibilities, including excellent job prospects, job security, and a stimulating and varied career.

So here at Finnoah Training, we’ve discussed some major reasons for choosing a career in Construction:

1. Opportunities for Employment

As new projects are announced and a generation of workers retires, around 157,000 new construction jobs are likely to be needed by 2021.

Why? Well by the mid-2020s, the government has pledged to build 300,000 new homes per year, which gives enormous prospects for aspiring construction employees and creates a need for even more employees in the construction industry.

Furthermore, the government has provided an additional 3,000,000 apprenticeship “starts” across all industries in England, with a significant number of possibilities in the construction industry. 

2. Job fulfilment

Few jobs offer as much satisfaction as those in the construction business.

One of the most satisfying aspects of working in construction is witnessing your work take shape right before your eyes. You can watch a structure take shape and mature into its final form, knowing that you’ve made a significant and long-lasting contribution to the landscape.

3. The Pay is Highly Competitive

Because the construction sector is so competitive, incomes are as well. The majority of technical trainee positions start at £25,000 per year, with more experienced technical personnel earning up to £48,000 per year. In general, trades jobs pay well, with higher-skilled workers earning between £15 and £25 per hour.

4. Choice and variety

From carpenters, plasterers, plumbers, and bricklayers to engineers, surveyors, and project managers, the construction sector has something for everyone. Furthermore, no two professions are alike, nor are they all in the same region. This means you’ll be able to work on a wide range of projects during your career, and you’ll have the chance to travel around the country and possibly beyond.

You’re consistently being challenged, both physically and mentally, and you’re expected to solve a variety of new problems.

5. Opportunities for Progression 

The wide range of positions and projects provides numerous prospects for advancement. Construction is also seen as a meritocratic business in which hard work is rewarded – after all, many CEOs started at the bottom. Construction workers, unlike those in other industries, are routinely given an opportunity to learn new skills and advance their careers.

6. Innovation is rewarded 

As customer demands rise, projects get more complicated, and technology advances, the construction business is continuously changing. Companies are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to design, develop, and distribute products, which opens doors for new personnel with fresh ideas and methodologies.

A career in construction can be perfect for anybody- including you! Whatever aspect of construction appeals to you and regardless of whether you have any prior knowledge, Finnoah Training are on hand to help. There is no limit to the amount that you can earn and the progress that you can make when you work hard with a great team. If you’re interested in starting a career in the construction industry get in touch with Finnoah Training today!! We are always on hand to train new recruits and get you started on reaching your maximum potential!